ED Message

Welcome to ArthasiddhiMicrofin Ltd, where every interaction is not just a transaction but a dream being fulfilled, and a step taken towards sustainable growth and empowerment.

Arthasiddhi has taken birth to serve the community in our surroundings to uplift the unreached and underserved people in their daily livelihood and is committed to stand with them in their Entrepreneurial journey, to make it more rewarding by offering them financial assistance through our micro group lending and individual loans.”

Let’s Embark on this journey together of financial growth and empowerment of communities in our surrounding. I'm Shishir Prasad, an Agricultural Graduate with 36 years of comprehensive experience at Bank of Baroda, culminating as Deputy General Manager.

At Arthasiddhi, we are not just a microfinance company; we are on a mission. A mission to redefine ARTHSIDDHI — a commitment to the sustainable growth of communities, focusing on entrepreneurial skill development through individual empowerment and innovative financial services. Our goal is to eradicate poverty through viable income-generation activities.

Our vision is ambitious — to reach the unreached and underserved through a seamless blend of a widespread branch network and cutting-edge technology. Transparency and accessibility are the cornerstones of our approach as we strive to meet the financial needs of every individual effectively and efficiently.

Our journey is defined by excellence —Now, my commitment is to steer the economic growth of the underprivileged in rural areas.

Arthasiddhi is more than a company; it's commitment to building a robust rural economy. I extend a warm invitation for you to be part of this transformative journey. Arthasiddhi goes beyond being a mere financial service; it's a pledge to your wellbeing and prosperity. Your contentment is our foremost concern, and your collaboration will play a pivotal role in the economic revitalization of rural communities.

Join us in the endeavor to empower communities through innovative financial services, with a special emphasis on Joint Liability Group (JLG) financing and individual financing designed to uplift women groups. Bepart of our initiative where shaping a future through financial empowerment is not a privilege but a fundamental right. Your support and cooperation are indispensable, and together, we can realize our mission, uphold our values, and turn our vision into reality.

Thank you for considering ArthasiddhiMicrofin Ltd. We are here to serve you diligently, ensuring your satisfaction and contributing to the economic growth of rural communities.

Mr. Shishir Prasad, Executive Director
Shishir Bhushan Prasad