Vision, Mission and Values



Our vision is to reach the unreached and underserved people through our branch network and technology in the most effective and efficient manner, by being transparent and easy to reach approach in order to serve them for their financial needs.


ARTHASIDDHI is our company mission as detailed below.

  • Accountability-Accountability with Fair interaction.
  • Responsibility- With Responsibility.
  • Trust- We inculcate Trust.
  • Households- Among group of committed women Households in our surroundings.
  • Adaptable-Make them Adaptable to new initiatives.
  • Sustainable- For Sustainable growth of the masses.
  • Individual – Through our Individual focus approach among the groups.
  • Develop- Which Helps Develop.
  • Demand- Demand for their growth.
  • Happy- Making them Happy and Delighted.
  • Innovative-Through our Innovative financial services and eradicate poverty through our viable income generation activities.
Company Mission
Company Value


Empower rural entrepreneurship through targeted training, micro finance access, tech integration for market reach and sustainable local industry support.